17-Inch Laptops: the Best Way to Stream Exo’s Past Concerts

If you had a smaller and portable laptop before that you carried everywhere you went, going for a 17-inch laptop top this 2020 can be the best option. For sure, you will be staying home most of the time anyway because of the COVID 19 pandemic, so why stick to that old laptop when you can buy a big-screen laptop that is as powerful as that of a desktop?

There are many advantages of a 17-inch laptop, much more during this time that we should limit socialization. Going to clubs, movies, and other places of socialization are discouraged. If you are a fun of concerts, these days must be hard on you. A 17-inch laptop can be the best solution to while your time away during this time that you may not be able to meet your favorite boy band like Exo. Here are the reasons why.

More Satisfying Viewing Experience

Who would like to view a movie on his cellphone or from a small laptop if there is a widescreen laptop that you can use? If you have been following Exo’s concert series, going over their concerts in the past must be one of your pastimes during this pandemic. Indeed, watching exordium exo on a widescreen is the best way to do it. You would surely want to see your favorite singers move on stage like human beings and not like ants.

More Powerful than Ever

With the leading widescreen laptop today, you can enjoy everything that you can usually do only with a desktop from gaming to movie and concert viewing, among others. 17-inch laptops not only give you bigger and more vivid images but also ensure that the audio is also excellent. Indeed, widescreen laptops are the best way to view music videos and concerts, and even when just listening to music.

More Can View With You

Certainly, more of your family members will be staying with you at home while this pandemic is not yet over. It will be great to watch with them on your widescreen laptop. It can be your bonding time. And if you are an avid fan of Exo, maybe they are too.


More Convenient for Video Conferencing

During this ongoing health crisis, you may not have gone out together with your friends. Why not do some video conferencing with all of your friends are on the other side of the line. You will not only be talking to them, but you can see them clearly with a flat widescreen laptop. And as a group who loves music together, you can jam and sing those popular songs of Korea’s most exciting boy band, Exo.…


Top Benefits of Chromebooks in Education

Utilizing technology in the classroom is a great way of learning. Nowadays, Chromebooks are getting incorporated into schools as they boost student’s capability of learning anywhere, and anytime. Online access to the classrooms considerably broaden the scope of a learning exercise and creative thinking, triggers information pursuit, collaboration, and communication. In fact, classroom environments can be customized to suit subject matter, skill reinforcement, skill level, and remediation efforts. The following are some of the top benefits of Chromebooks in education.

They are Inexpensive

The truth is that top rated Chromebooks are quite cheaper as compared to most laptops. For instance, they are available for a few hundred dollars. Thus, they are a realistic acquisition for both schools and colleges. The additional cost incentive is that GAFE services are free to public schools.

These books are meant to offer access, management to Google apps, support, and other subject matters. Students have different avenues for accessing school documents since the applications are attained through Google Chrome and are stored in the cloud.

ChromeOS is Secure

You should note that Chromebooks are cloud-based and run exclusively by the browser without installations on the laptop. The unique design protects your computer from getting attacked. Moreover, Chromebooks do not need active firewalls, anti-malware software, and anti-virus. In addition, the file system encryption is not important as only the identified can view the files.

They are Easy to Use

You should note that Chromebooks are portable, lightweight, and boot up in seconds. Moreover, their batteries can last up to eight hours. They update on the background. Thus, they are always up-to-date. The schools have a right to control access to Chromebooks and assign them to designated students, faculty, subjects, and specific grades. The educators can view configuration and usage reports for faculties and students.

They Facilitate Collaboration

You should note that Chromebooks can enhance student collaboration and communication opportunities. That is because calendars, Gmail, and video conferencing resources allow the students to connect with others freely. They allow students to work in groups, completing projects, PowerPoint, and even videos. In fact, access to work can easily be attained during the school areas, at home, or in the library.

Unlimited Users

The truth is that there is no particular limit as far as the number of users that can be included in GAFE. Every student can easily create his or her personalized profile and learning experience whenever they log in to their apps, classwork, settings, videos, and books. Chromebooks can be shared with many other students, family, and friends, thanks to their built-in security.…


Technological Advances that Changed the Music Industry

Music has been a fundamental aspect of human life way, and still, we have some individuals who consider it their best lifestyle. Ideally, no culture on the earth does not dance to various tunes of music. Therefore, the powerful influence of music on human beings has made it to stand against all the odds of time. The 1997 albums that the older people used to listen to are still playing on various stations, indicating that music is part of our lifestyle. Let’s take a look at the most significant technological advances that have shaped the music industry.

Improved Production

music concertIt is crucial to note that music production has not improved from the recording process to the instruments. For instance, modern musical instruments are an indication of enhanced production. For example, an electric guitar is a product of innovative efforts from different musicians and inventors who uses louder string sounds.

The electronic musical instruments are dominating the music performance and production due to their features that provide better music results. On the other hand, the studio itself is evolving from being analog to digital-based.

Multi-Track Recording

Multitrack recording might not be taken for granted these days, but it was first available in the mid-’50s. Back in the days, most of the sound engineers and musicians had to record a track as a whole in one take. But with the advancements in technology, it has changed the entertainment industry since music producers can now add various layers to a single track recorded separately by the same singer.

Digital Software

One of the biggest game-changers that we have encountered in the music industry is the introduction of digital software. With this software, it enables all musicians to create, write, record, and produce their songs to a high and reasonable quality. There are other programs such as Protools and Logic that provide a range of new tools, plugins, and effects that will help to enhance the sonic quality of music.guitarist


When it comes to the music industry, you will notice that no one is perfect, and that is why we have our favorite artists. On the other hand, we have different musicians who specialize in various categories of music. In most cases, most of the artists found it hard to balance their vocals, especially when doing a long track. Due to advancements in technology, most artists have used the auto-tune to exaggerate their vocals, which creates an original and new sound.…

designing a website

How to Find the Right Web Designer

Businesses of all scales need internet presence these days. And you can be good at that only if people feel comfortable visiting your website. It is surely just one of the other marketing tools, but there is much more about web design than meets the eye. Thus, hiring a reputable web design service, such as Web Designers Edinburgh, is often the most popular choice among business owners. But even that option requires some basic knowledge of how to pick just the right web designer, or you may end up paying for a design that is worth way less than what you’re paying for. 

Make a List

The first rule of seeking a service on the internet is that you should not get hooked by the first offers you find on the search engine. You have to come up with at least 5 or more services that you think most appropriate. 

Pick a web designer based on how they represent themselves online. If you use freelancer platforms like Upwork, 9designs, Dribbble, Behance, Working Not Working, Envato Studio, or DesignCrowd, you can see the ratings of the listed services. But if you opt for companies, check if their presence is active or passive. 

Investigate the Portfolio

You can check a web designer’s past works by sending them an inquiry directly or looking for their reviews on review sites and forums. If you have the time, you’d better try those two methods so that you can come up with the wisest judgment. This step also shows how open and welcoming a web design service is to their customers. 

Once you get access to the web designer’s works, look for errors, such as missing pages, graphical flaws, spelling mistakes, etc. Second, try to evaluate the aesthetics of the design. And lastly, see if the site is easy to navigate. 

Check the Company’s Awareness of Social Media Marketing

checking analyticsAlmost 90% of internet users have social media, and if your website does not integrate well with that platform, it will be a big loss for you. Your website must be interactive, attractive, and compact for social media marketing features, such as ad banners, business pages, and profiles. 

Evaluate the Warranty

All good web design comes with a warranty for their service. At least, the designer should provide you with a chance to revise their works. Security and quality performance are also factors that must be discussed in the warranty terms. Codes can be outdated fast, and without patches and upgrades, your website’s performance can be negatively affected. This should be covered at least several months after your web is launched. 


Tips for Buying the Perfect Drone

Flying drones are exciting frontiers for photographers, aviators, pilots, and professional photographers. If you decide that you want a drone, you will quickly realize that there are overwhelming options from which to choose. These devices come in almost every size and in a different price range that you can imagine.

Do Your Research

So you have decided to buy a new drone. But why would you buy these devices? When you want to purchase these flying machines, you should start by identifying the need. For instance, you should understand that these petite flying devices can let you survey your surroundings, and they can take great aerial videos and photos.

When you decide that you want to purchase these devices, you should start by researching. By sparing your time to research, it will be easier to know a lot of information concerning these flying machines. It is one of the most innovative and exciting bits of technology, and that is why it is advisable to conduct enough research.

Types of Drones

dronesWhen you are buying the drones, you need to consider the available brands and models. Keep note that these devices come in different shapes and sizes depending on the need. That is why you will realize that different types deliver various specific uses. Make sure that you consider the types available, and in doing this, it will be a little bit easier for you to make the recommended purchase.

Apart from considering the different types of drones, ensure that you identify the features that you need to consider. Below are the features you need to consider in your selection.

Battery Life

The sticker price might not offer you an accurate indicator of a drone’s quality. Some of these features might help you to know the quality of a given machine. Just like a smartphone, a drone can run out of power. Some of the best models in the market can surpass up to 30 to 40 minutes. These are the best drones that you should purchase.


You cannot buy a drone without checking on the camera. If you want to get the best-quality footage, ensure that you pay keen attention to the camera specs. Before making the final decision, make sure that you look for the video and photo resolution of the drone’s integrated camera.…