Think Strong – Be Strong

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Think Strong – Be Strong

A mental strength may help you get a better body. Studies have shown that women from 18 to 30 years with similar BMI’s, who did comparable amounts of weekly exercise, made it show. Those who thought of themselves as fit and strong were able to run significantly longer and lift more weights than their less self – assured companions. If you truly believe that you can accomplish a physical task that takes endurance and strength, it allows you not to be afraid to put in more effort. Build your fit self-confidence by achieving small wins and rock your body. Here are a few tips on how to be strong.

Know why you are there

Most of the exercisers have an idea of why they workout, but don’t connect with it often enough. Write down a reminder on the side of your shoes or make a background screen on your phone as message. Seeing your goal will help you strengthen up yourself when you feel like giving up.

Have numerous why’s? That happy feeling after accomplishment, positive mood, losing weight – makes it worth it, just alternate your focus.

Have a plan

If you are prepared for hitting the wall, it’s a lot easier to hit it when you are prepared for it. Some people focus on their breathing technique, which helps them push hard. Others focus on a music beat, so when they turn it to a fast forwarding song with a stronger, faster beat, they do it better.

Think athlete

Just believe that you rule your body’s fitness fate, and there’s motivation for a workout.

Studies have shown that people who were told that genetics have a huge influence on their activity level said they doubted their ability to exercise, and they showed little or no interest for hitting the gym. But those who were told that environment and themselves play an important role had a significantly higher confidence and motivation to sweat at the gym.

Be brave!

Experts say that many adults who don’t like exercise feel this way simply just because they became discouraged. But studies have shown, as workout intensity increases, those exercises report more negative feelings. So if you’re not naturally in a mood to sweat, go at a groove that will encourage you to get pass that stage.

Look for an adventure!

Sign up for an adventure! You don’t need to spend a lot of money on it; it can probably be done also in a local nature. Spend a few days surrounded by the beauty of nature, take a compass and navigate trails, cook healthy meals in the backcountry, and you will get a great workout both for your body and mind.

When you reach your destination, you will be stronger, and your mind will be refreshed.

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Recovery After Workout

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Recovery After Workout

If you take your sore legs out for a run, it could mean that you waste your breath rather than net results. Being smarter about recovery after a workout can help you become stronger, faster and fitter. It takes 24 hours to recover from a regular workout, and 48 hours to recover from a killer boot camp session.
That’s why it is important to limit your exercising to three days a week and to plan your resting carefully so you’re not challenging the same muscles in the same way the same time. Overexercising creates chronic stress for the body, making it less responsive on exercising.

Ice – heat

Ice for ten minutes after a tough workout that will slow blood flow to the area, which will calm down inflammation and swelling. Keep icing the whole day if you feel sore. Next day – use heat. It warmth speeds blood flow to the area relaxing muscles, so take a hot shower for example.

Roll before stretch

Rollers help increase circulation and relax tissues; stretching returns muscles to their normal resting length and helps line up new fibers that body creates during a recovery.

Medicine says roll before stretching because it helps turn off overactive muscles so you can stretch them easily. So, roll slowly back and forth along the length of the muscles, and next stretch the same areas. Breathe deeply all the time.

Eat protein and carbs shortly after your workout

Thirty to sixty minutes after a workout your muscles expect to take in protein to start the repair process and carbs to refuel. So, make sure that soon after the workout you have a snack containing ten to twenty grams of proteins and one to three ratio of protein to carbs. Also, drink water to rehydrate.

Sleep well: keep moving

Lack of sleep leads to depressed immunity and higher stress hormone levels, which all make the bad workout. Aim for seven to nine hours of quality sleep a night. If you are scheduled to workout but your body feels achy and your muscles have a heavy sensation, that’s your body telling you it hasn’t recovered.
A little activity will help you „wake up your body“ , particularly if you’re working out hard every other day. So, hop on a bike for fifteen minutes, or do some yoga.

Physical activity is proven to be good for the overall health condition, therefore you should plan your activities in order to stay healthy. However, it is not recommended to have demanding physical activities every day since your body needs resting period. Many people do not respect that and end up with problems. Still, you know your body and your should plan exercises and activities according to your body’s abilities.

You know your body but have in mind that you must have a resting period for a proper health and overall condition.

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