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The EGA-Architecture Foundation

The Erik Gunnar Asplund's Architecture Foundation was founded February 1st, 1988 by his descendants. The Foundation's goal is to award scholarships for the further education of qualified architectural students working in the spirit of Erik Gunnar Asplund. The Foundation is also tasked to take part in the decisions that concern all of Erik Gunnar Asplund's buildings, and work to keep his traditions alive.

The Foundation's headquarters is placed in Lund, Sweden, and affiliated with Lund University and Lund Institute of Technology. It consists of four members and four alternates. One of members has to be of Asplund Family and prefereably familiar with the subject of architecture.

Members of Foundation organize public lectures and seminars, help out to make Asplund-materials available to researchers and architecture students, architects, and guide foreign groups wishing to study Erik Gunnar Asplund's work in Sweden.

Over the years the Foundation has also been involved in exhibitions of E.G. Asplund and his works in Europe, USA and Asia. The last exhibition took place in Tokyo, February 2006 in Shiodome Museum Japan, accompanied with a seminar for three days at the Swedish Embassy there. The exhibition was titled “E.G Asplund: Healing Landscape”, and later became a traveling exhibition that was shown all over Japan.

Currently the Foundation is planning an exhibition in Sweden and the USA designed to present E.G. Asplund as a furniture designer. This aspect of his work is well worthy attention and so far has not yet been given its own exhibition. In conjunction with this exhibition a book is planned to be published about his furniture designs.

Text Anne Asplund, EGA Architecture Foundation.