How Technology Has Changed Music

Technology has changed several aspects of music and music itself. Over the last decade and a half, how we listen, buy, and interact with tunes has evolved in multiple ways. Gone are the times when one had to rewind a cassette manually to replay a song. As tech keeps on advancing, the music sector is one of the many markets that evolve along with it. Nowadays, songs are easily accessible; for instance, an online search will provide a list of multiple streaming sources and endless search result pages.

Music is how people can express themselves, and the biggest changes in the sector affect the musical, recording, listening, and producing technology. With streaming services, among other means being made available, artists can share their music with fans worldwide. Streaming platforms make it easy for an artist to get their music to wider audiences regardless of his/her career standing. Here are some detailed ways to explain how technology impacts music today.


As mentioned above, technology advancements have changed how people interact with music. Not long ago, music lovers spent free time compiling their favorite tune to make a CD playlist. With the creation of streaming platforms such as Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Audiomack, etc., music lovers can access their favorite songs at the touch of their screens.

Live performances as well have felt the impact. While under the covid-19 lockdown, celebrities such as Travis Scott used online platforms to perform for their fans. The coronavirus pandemic period has seen numerous artists and fans embrace technology to get and airing daily content as a way of limiting the spread of the virus.

Promotion & Advertising

For an artist to promote his/her work, they can use the services of numerous social media and music streaming platforms. For instance, singer Justin Bieber was discovered by his talent manager through his viral YouTube posts. The internet and social media allow fans to stay connected to the artist and feel more up close. These apps make it easy for fans to know more about their favorite musicians.


Although many of the impacts are positive, it is wrong to ignore the heavy presence of piracy resulting from tech advancements in the music sector. Illegal acquisition of music hurts an artist’s career. Many fans are not aware of this fact and consider piracy a cheap or free means of getting their favorite tunes.…


17-Inch Laptops: the Best Way to Stream Exo’s Past Concerts

If you had a smaller and portable laptop before that you carried everywhere you went, going for a 17-inch laptop top this 2020 can be the best option. For sure, you will be staying home most of the time anyway because of the COVID 19 pandemic, so why stick to that old laptop when you can buy a big-screen laptop that is as powerful as that of a desktop?

There are many advantages of a 17-inch laptop, much more during this time that we should limit socialization. Going to clubs, movies, and other places of socialization are discouraged. If you are a fun of concerts, these days must be hard on you. A 17-inch laptop can be the best solution to while your time away during this time that you may not be able to meet your favorite boy band like Exo. Here are the reasons why.

More Satisfying Viewing Experience

laptopWho would like to view a movie on his cellphone or from a small laptop if there is a widescreen laptop that you can use?

More Powerful than Ever

With the leading widescreen laptop today, you can enjoy everything that you can usually do only with a desktop from gaming to movie and concert viewing, among others. 17-inch laptops not only give you bigger and more vivid images but also ensure that the audio is also excellent. Indeed, widescreen laptops are the best way to view music videos and concerts, and even when just listening to music.

More Can View With You

Certainly, more of your family members will be staying with you at home while this pandemic is not yet over. It will be great to watch with them on your widescreen laptop. It can be your bonding time. And if you are an avid fan of Exo, maybe they are too.


More Convenient for Video Conferencing

During this ongoing health crisis, you may not have gone out together with your friends. Why not do some video conferencing with all of your friends are on the other side of the line. You will not only be talking to them, but you can see them clearly with a flat widescreen laptop. And as a group who loves music together, you can jam and sing those popular songs of Korea’s most exciting boy band, Exo.…


Technological Advances that Changed the Music Industry

Music has been a fundamental aspect of human life way, and still, we have some individuals who consider it their best lifestyle. Ideally, no culture on the earth does not dance to various tunes of music. Therefore, the powerful influence of music on human beings has made it to stand against all the odds of time.

Improved Production

music concertIt is crucial to note that music production has not improved from the recording process to the instruments. For instance, modern musical instruments are an indication of enhanced production. For example, an electric guitar is a product of innovative efforts from different musicians and inventors who uses louder string sounds.

The electronic musical instruments are dominating the music performance and production due to their features that provide better music results. On the other hand, the studio itself is evolving from being analog to digital-based.

Multi-Track Recording

Multitrack recording might not be taken for granted these days, but it was first available in the mid-’50s. Back in the days, most of the sound engineers and musicians had to record a track as a whole in one take. But with the advancements in technology, it has changed the entertainment industry since music producers can now add various layers to a single track recorded separately by the same singer.

Digital Software

One of the biggest game-changers that we have encountered in the music industry is the introduction of digital software. With this software, it enables all musicians to create, write, record, and produce their songs to a high and reasonable quality. There are other programs such as Protools and Logic that provide a range of new tools, plugins, and effects that will help to enhance the sonic quality of music.guitarist


When it comes to the music industry, you will notice that no one is perfect, and that is why we have our favorite artists. On the other hand, we have different musicians who specialize in various categories of music. In most cases, most of the artists found it hard to balance their vocals, especially when doing a long track. Due to advancements in technology, most artists have used the auto-tune to exaggerate their vocals, which creates an original and new sound.…