How Technology Has Changed Music

Technology has changed several aspects of music and music itself. Over the last decade and a half, how we listen, buy, and interact with tunes has evolved in multiple ways. Gone are the times when one had to rewind a cassette manually to replay a song. As tech keeps on advancing, the music sector is one of the many markets that evolve along with it. Nowadays, songs are easily accessible; for instance, an online search will provide a list of multiple streaming sources and endless search result pages.

Music is how people can express themselves, and the biggest changes in the sector affect the musical, recording, listening, and producing technology. With streaming services, among other means being made available, artists can share their music with fans worldwide. Streaming platforms make it easy for an artist to get their music to wider audiences regardless of his/her career standing. Here are some detailed ways to explain how technology impacts music today.


As mentioned above, technology advancements have changed how people interact with music. Not long ago, music lovers spent free time compiling their favorite tune to make a CD playlist. With the creation of streaming platforms such as Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Audiomack, etc., music lovers can access their favorite songs at the touch of their screens.

Live performances as well have felt the impact. While under the covid-19 lockdown, celebrities such as Travis Scott used online platforms to perform for their fans. The coronavirus pandemic period has seen numerous artists and fans embrace technology to get and airing daily content as a way of limiting the spread of the virus.

Promotion & Advertising

For an artist to promote his/her work, they can use the services of numerous social media and music streaming platforms. For instance, singer Justin Bieber was discovered by his talent manager through his viral YouTube posts. The internet and social media allow fans to stay connected to the artist and feel more up close. These apps make it easy for fans to know more about their favorite musicians.


Although many of the impacts are positive, it is wrong to ignore the heavy presence of piracy resulting from tech advancements in the music sector. Illegal acquisition of music hurts an artist’s career. Many fans are not aware of this fact and consider piracy a cheap or free means of getting their favorite tunes.…