How to Find the Right Web Designer

designing a website

Businesses of all scales need internet presence these days. And you can be good at that only if people feel comfortable visiting your website. It is surely just one of the other marketing tools, but there is much more about web design than meets the eye. Thus, hiring a reputable web design service, such as Web Designers Edinburgh, is often the most popular choice among business owners. But even that option requires some basic knowledge of how to pick just the right web designer, or you may end up paying for a design that is worth way less than what you’re paying for. 

Make a List

The first rule of seeking a service on the internet is that you should not get hooked by the first offers you find on the search engine. You have to come up with at least 5 or more services that you think most appropriate. 

Pick a web designer based on how they represent themselves online. If you use freelancer platforms like Upwork, 9designs, Dribbble, Behance, Working Not Working, Envato Studio, or DesignCrowd, you can see the ratings of the listed services. But if you opt for companies, check if their presence is active or passive. 

Investigate the Portfolio

You can check a web designer’s past works by sending them an inquiry directly or looking for their reviews on review sites and forums. If you have the time, you’d better try those two methods so that you can come up with the wisest judgment. This step also shows how open and welcoming a web design service is to their customers. 

Once you get access to the web designer’s works, look for errors, such as missing pages, graphical flaws, spelling mistakes, etc. Second, try to evaluate the aesthetics of the design. And lastly, see if the site is easy to navigate. 

Check the Company’s Awareness of Social Media Marketing

checking analyticsAlmost 90% of internet users have social media, and if your website does not integrate well with that platform, it will be a big loss for you. Your website must be interactive, attractive, and compact for social media marketing features, such as ad banners, business pages, and profiles. 

Evaluate the Warranty

All good web design comes with a warranty for their service. At least, the designer should provide you with a chance to revise their works. Security and quality performance are also factors that must be discussed in the warranty terms. Codes can be outdated fast, and without patches and upgrades, your website’s performance can be negatively affected. This should be covered at least several months after your web is launched.