Top Benefits of Chromebooks in Education


Utilizing technology in the classroom is a great way of learning. Nowadays, Chromebooks are getting incorporated into schools as they boost student’s capability of learning anywhere, and anytime. Online access to the classrooms considerably broaden the scope of a learning exercise and creative thinking, triggers information pursuit, collaboration, and communication. In fact, classroom environments can be customized to suit subject matter, skill reinforcement, skill level, and remediation efforts. The following are some of the top benefits of Chromebooks in education.

They are Inexpensive

The truth is that top rated Chromebooks are quite cheaper as compared to most laptops. For instance, they are available for a few hundred dollars. Thus, they are a realistic acquisition for both schools and colleges. The additional cost incentive is that GAFE services are free to public schools.

These books are meant to offer access, management to Google apps, support, and other subject matters. Students have different avenues for accessing school documents since the applications are attained through Google Chrome and are stored in the cloud.

ChromeOS is Secure

You should note that Chromebooks are cloud-based and run exclusively by the browser without installations on the laptop. The unique design protects your computer from getting attacked. Moreover, Chromebooks do not need active firewalls, anti-malware software, and anti-virus. In addition, the file system encryption is not important as only the identified can view the files.

They are Easy to Use

You should note that Chromebooks are portable, lightweight, and boot up in seconds. Moreover, their batteries can last up to eight hours. They update on the background. Thus, they are always up-to-date. The schools have a right to control access to Chromebooks and assign them to designated students, faculty, subjects, and specific grades. The educators can view configuration and usage reports for faculties and students.

They Facilitate Collaboration

You should note that Chromebooks can enhance student collaboration and communication opportunities. That is because calendars, Gmail, and video conferencing resources allow the students to connect with others freely. They allow students to work in groups, completing projects, PowerPoint, and even videos. In fact, access to work can easily be attained during the school areas, at home, or in the library.

Unlimited Users

The truth is that there is no particular limit as far as the number of users that can be included in GAFE. Every student can easily create his or her personalized profile and learning experience whenever they log in to their apps, classwork, settings, videos, and books. Chromebooks can be shared with many other students, family, and friends, thanks to their built-in security.